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5 Secrets Top CXO's, Executives and Managers use to Beat Anxiety, Attain Happiness and Become Physically Fit within 3 months.

(Learn how to do the same even if you have one of the world's most stressful jobs)

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Did 2021 make you more stressed❓

Are you unhappy with your fitness levels ❓



In this 20 Minutes FREE Masterclass, you will learn… 

👉  Secret #1Being sad, worried, and unhappy at some point in life is not unavoidable!

👉  Secret #2Happiness is not acquired or found. Real happiness is an inner realization

👉  Secret #3You can remain motivated no matter what is happening around you

👉  Secret #4Working out does not have to be boring

👉  Secret #5There is nothing like "too old to get fit"!

Your Trainers

Hi! I'm Abhishek Jindal..

Fitness Enthusiast

Body Transformation Coach


As a Body Transformation Coach, my passion is to help people get fit in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. I believe everyone has the right to be in good shape and to be happy with themselves.

Fitness according to me is all about knowing and learning about your own self. YOU are the one doing the work and YOU are the one reaping the benefits throughout your lifetime.

I specialize in helping people break their monotonous life cycle to lose body fat & stay fit, without it all feeling like a burden and a strain.  

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Hi! I'm Aman Chandra..

Bulletproof Happiness Coach

Motivational speaker

What's My Story?

I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur. As a Bulletproof Happiness Coach and a motivational speaker, I offer group programs and 1-1 coaching to help people overcome challenging life situations and 2X their happiness. I'm also the founder (a global platform for personal and spiritual growth). As a soon-to-be author in the self-help and personal growth space, I'm super passionate about making happiness and personal growth wisdom reach as many people as possible. 


Before entering adulthood itself, I went through multiple challenging life situations. My parents separated when I was just 2. My biological father passed away when I was 7. I had severe anxiety and OCD issues at age 13, and a potentially life-threatening physical illness when I was 18. These experiences fuelled my search for answers and I embarked on a comprehensive personal growth journey. I trained in the art of pranic healing, Vipassana mindfulness meditation, and have done several other personal growth courses over the last 15 years. After learning and applying all the tools in my life, I coach and train clients across the globe and help them create shifts in all aspects of their lives - health and fitness, emotional health, relationship health, business and financial success, spiritual growth, and more.



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