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About Aman Chandra

Passionate Happiness Life Coach and Life Passion Coach


Aman is a lifestyle entrepreneur. He's the founder and ex-CEO of The Silver Lining (which later became, a global platform for wellness via personal and spiritual growth. He's been an avid personal and spiritual seeker ever since his teens. He has training in pranic healing, and vipassana mindfulness meditation, and has done extensive study and self-learning in the field of personal and spiritual growth.

As a happiness life coach and life passion coach, Aman specializes in helping people move past their life issues and create massive breakthroughs. He coaches his clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts. He first learned about coaching when he hit a roadblock in his own life and was struggling to move past it. His personal growth tools helped him make personal breakthroughs, and soon friends and family began asking him for help with their own challenges. This motivated him to turn his newfound passion into a full-time career as a happiness life coach.




The Answer to your Search for an Anxiety Therapist Near Me

Anxiety is a common emotion that we all experience at different times in our lives. However, for some people, anxiety can be so severe that it affects their ability to lead a normal life. If you are struggling with anxiety, help is available. Aman Chandra, who specializes in treating anxiety, can give you the tools and support you need to manage your symptoms and take back control of your life.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, and the best way to find an effective treatment is to work with a therapist who understands your specific situation. If you're searching for an "anxiety therapist near me", you've come to the right place. Aman Chandra is a happiness life coach who specializes in treating anxiety disorders. Aman offers both individual and group therapy options, as well as online courses and resources to help you manage your anxiety.

He knows very well, how difficult it can be to live with anxiety, and he's here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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