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Conscious breathing meditation – A Quick tutorial by Aman Chandra

What is conscious breathing meditation all about?

In its true essence, conscious breathing meditation helps us to transcend this awareness that we have of simply being a body and a mind. It helps us to move beyond and realize what we truly are - the life force that animates our physical existence. That is our true identity!

Once we've permanently connected with our true selves with the help of this meditation practice, we realize that infinite bliss and joy is already within us!

How to practice conscious breathing meditation?

So let's get started.

  1. Firstly, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. You may even lie down but it's preferable that you sit up straight so that you don't fall asleep.

  2. Now gently close your eyes and bring your awareness to the abdomen.

  3. Then, focus on the feeling of your breath going in and out of your abdomen.

When you are truly able to observe and witness this, you transcend your mind as such. This is the power of conscious breathing meditation.

Conscious breathing meditation

Simple Do's and Dont's

  • Start the practice with a few deep elongated breaths. Breathe in, breathe out.

  • Next, bring complete awareness to your abdomen. Just feel your breath going in and out. Simply observe, don't make any unnecessary efforts.

  • Refrain from putting any mental labels. If you find any thoughts coming to your mind, just realize that you have had a thought and gently bring your awareness back to the breath.

  • Practice this for as long as you can. Start with 5 minutes, move up to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and so on.

Once you have experienced this power where you have transcended all physical sensations and you become aware that you are not just this gross body; you will be able to do this throughout your day; while walking, talking, or sleeping. Your roots will remain with your true self and you will actually be much more efficient at everything that you are doing throughout the day.

"One conscious breath in and out is a meditation"
- Eckhart Tolle


About the author, Aman Chandra -

Dealing with the separation of his parents at the age of two years and battling crippling anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at the age of twelve years are just a few of the challenges that Aman dealt with. With a burning desire to learn “how to become happy in life” despite there being so much suffering, Aman began a life-long journey of studying under various global personal and spiritual growth masters, such as Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins. With this was born his tried-and-tested Bulletproofing-HappinessTM formula, and he uses the same to coach seekers across the globe on how to overcome challenges and live a truly happy life.



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