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Would You Like To Overcome Challenges That Are Blocking Your Happiness And Peace of Mind?

👉 Are you dealing with confidence and anxiety issues?

👉 Are you a professional battling work stress?

👉 Do your relationships lack depth and meaning?

Here's How Aman Can Help

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1. Happiness Coaching

Programs to boost happiness, improve relationships, find purpose, and much more

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2. Happiness Podcast

Listen to the podcast on Living With Happiness and Passion, with powerful life changing episodes added weekly

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3. Corporate Happiness Workshops

Get Aman to motivate your employees in a powerful workplace seminar

About Aman Chandra

Passionate Bulletproof Happiness Coach

Aman believes that happiness is a choice. It is available now and not sometime in the mind-projected future.


He experienced multiple challenging life situations such as the loss of his biological father, a potentially life-threatening illness, and more, all before he completed his teens. This propelled his own personal growth and he spent many years learning and applying happiness hacks on himself. He now coaches people going through tough life situations and helps them 2X their happiness and peace of mind.

Watch Aman Speak At MIT, Pune's Global Science & Spirituality Summit

Join The Community

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Meet your extended family and support system. Learn, grow, and help each other find peace and happiness


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In Client's Words

" I was going through a difficult time in my professional career like many others. Mr aman chandra helped me to overcome my mental barriers and helped me attain my goals. I got rid of my fear of failure and became much more calmer. Highly recommended "

— Jairam Krishnan,
Age - 32,
Credit Analyst,
New Delhi,

" I am Pallav Modi, age 36 years. A Tech Entrepreneur I am a very social person, but with the onset of covid, being restricted to home, was making me dull and drowsy, eventually leading to frustration. Aman helped me understand how to find happiness within oneself and introduced me to a simple meditation technique which helped me with improving my focus and life in general. Thank you aman "

— Pallav Modi,
Age - 36,
Tech Entrepreneur,
New Delhi,

" I was going through a toxic relationship phase which led to further deterioration of my confidence and outlook towards life. I was feeling depressed.

Aman Chandra explained to me certain practical aspects of life which I am applying not only to my personal being but on professional front too.

I feel that depression is an issue which can be sorted through counselling and positive guidance. A good mentor can help you come out of it. Ignorance will never heal the issues. Various counselling sessions with Aman Chandra helped me understand the purpose of life and allowed me to re define my vision of life.

— Ankita Baid,
Age - 29,
Interior Designer,

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