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The finest happiness-elevating and physical fitness methods packaged in a never-before-seen collaboration between Aman Chandra and Abhishek Jindal (Body Transformation Strategist)

Has 2021 made you stressed and worried❓

Has WFH impacted your fitness levels


Let's make 2022 your best ever with.....

⚡️ Turbocharge
   🧘🏻‍♀️ Your Mind & Body 💪
    90-Days Holistic Transformation Program

You will:

 👉  BOOST emotional & physical fitness
👉 BE happier, less stressed & fitter

👉 WITHIN 3 months

Abhishek Body Transformation Coach


1. Aman Chandra

Bulletproof-Happiness Coach

2. Abhishek Jindal

Body Transformation Coach

13ᵗʰ Jun - 10ᵗʰ Sep'22

6.50 - 8 A.M IST, Mon-Fri

Live Online Program

INR 2,79,999   99,999/-

Offer expires in


What To Expect From The Program

✅  Discover who you truly are so that you never feel lost, confused, or worried ever again

✅  Learn how to release tension, stress, and anxiety even if you have a super hectic life

✅  Boost self-confidence and let go of the fear of failure to become unshakeable

✅  Discover the secrets to workplace happiness so that you can work with more satisfaction and joy no matter what your job is

✅  Learn how to maintain awesome energy levels and feel pumped all day so that your productivity skyrockets 

✅  Dramatically boost your physical fitness and overall strength so that you have a toned and fit body


✅  Build gratitude and develop a positive outlook so that life’s challenges cannot affect you too much

✅  Build a lifelong habit of meditation that will give you consistent inner peace and happiness

✅  Improve relationships with your spouse and/or your loved ones even if you think that the relationship has reached a dead-end


Abstract Fitness Workout Challenge Instagram

🔴  LIVE 60+ turbocharge-your-mind meditation sessions

(worth Rs. 1,50,001/-)

🔴  LIVE 60+ turbocharge-your-body fitness sessions  

(worth Rs. 1,50,001/-)

🔴  25 Bulletproofing-Happinessᵀᴹ Blueprint Do-At-Own-Pace Sessions  

(worth Rs. 1,00,001/-)

🔴  Progress tracking system to get rapid results   

(worth Rs. 30,001/-)

🎁  BONUS lifelong membership to the Bulletproofing Happinessᵀᴹ Club

(worth Rs. 30,001/-)

🎁  BONUS Bulletproofing Happinessᵀᴹ Exercises & Toolkits
(worth Rs. 24,001/-)

🎁  BONUS Live nutrition tips & meal planning sessions  
(worth Rs. 20,001/-)

🎁  BONUS UNLIMITED WhatsApp support, guidance, and Q & A 
(worth Rs. 20,001/-)

🎁  BONUS Live mobility enhancement sessions

(worth Rs. 20,001/-)

🎁  BONUS Live nurturing and progress-tracking group sessions 

(worth Rs. 15,001/-)

TOTAL VALUE = Rs. 5,59,010
(5.6 lacs)


UNLOCK special price of

Rs 2,79,999  Rs 99,999/- 

Offer expires in



Hi! I'm Abhishek Jindal..

Fitness Enthusiast

Body Transformation Coach

Jindal Abhishek

Hi everyone, my name is Abhishek Jindal and I am a Body Transformation Coach. My passion is to help people lead a healthier life in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. I believe everyone has the right to be in good health and to be happy with themselves.

Fitness according to me is all about knowing and learning about your own self. YOU are the one doing the work and YOU are the one reaping the benefits throughout your lifetime.

I specialize in helping people break their monotonous life cycle to lose body fat & stay fit, without it all feeling like a burden and a strain.  

Hi! I'm Aman Chandra..

Bulletproof Happiness Coach

Motivational speaker

What's My Story?

I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur. As a Bulletproof Happiness Coach and a motivational speaker, I offer group programs and 1-1 coaching to help people overcome challenging life situations and 2X their happiness. I'm also the founder (a global platform for personal and spiritual growth). As a soon-to-be author in the self-help and personal growth space, I'm super passionate about making happiness and personal growth wisdom reach as many people as possible. 


Before entering adulthood itself, I went through multiple challenging life situations. My parents separated when I was just 2. My biological father passed away when I was 7. I had severe anxiety and OCD issues at age 13, and a potentially life-threatening physical illness when I was 18. These experiences fuelled my search for answers and I embarked on a comprehensive personal growth journey. I trained in the art of pranic healing, Vipassana mindfulness meditation, and have done several other personal growth courses over the last 15 years. After learning and applying all the tools in my life, I coach and train clients across the globe and help them create shifts in all aspects of their lives - health and fitness, emotional health, relationship health, business and financial success, spiritual growth, and more.

UNLOCK special price of INR 2,79,999  99,999/-

Offer expires in



What Our Tribe Says

UNLOCK special price of INR 2,79,999  99,999/-

Offer expires in


  • Why should I take a coaching pack?
    Normally, it takes at least 4 sessions to get to the root of an issue and to begin a transformation in that aspect of one's life. Taking a coaching pack helps in two ways - 1. You remain committed to the transformation process for at least a month 2. You save money vs booking individual coaching sessions!
  • What does a coaching pack validity mean?
    The validity signifies the period in which the pack sessions must be scheduled. For example, in the 4 sessions pack with validity of 1 month, you can schedule 4 sessions for yourself on any available time slot within a month from the date of pack purchase
  • Can I pause my pack in case of an emergency?
    Yes! Just send our customer care team an email at and we'll do the needful
  • I can't figure out which pack I should take. What should I do?
    We recommend that you start with the 4 sessions pack if you're unsure of which pack is right for you. 4 sessions is ideal for everyone and you cannot go wrong with it!
  • What should I do if I am satisfied with the results but still have sessions left?
    Coaching takes time to show results. Even if you are happy with the results, we suggest you continue with the sessions at the frequency recommended by your coach. Follow-up sessions are as critical as the breakthrough sessions, as your coach will guide you on how to maintain the momentum and not fall back into any harmful old ways
  • Can I cancel my pack?
    We are confident that you will not feel the need to cancel your pack and coaching sessions will truly help you make breakthroughs in your life. As a policy, we do not offer any cancellations once a pack is purchased.

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