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120-minutes Game-Changer Masterclass

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✅  HAVE meaningful & satisfying relationships

✅  BE peaceful, calm, and likeable

😌  Secrets To Bulletproofing Happiness ✌️

Batch starts Sunday (5th Dec) @ 3 p.m

With Aman Chandra

Bulletproof Happiness Coach | Relationship Transformation Coach | Motivational Speaker 

5th Dec'21 (Sunday) |  3:00 PM I.S.T 

Live Online Class

INR 1,999   499   99/-

What To Expect From The Class

1: Insights into life's most defining question - "Who really am I?"

2: Decoding happiness - Understanding it’s true nature

3: Identifying the ultimate source of human's happiness

4: Live exercise to almost instantly say goodbye to low feelings, anxiety, and stress

5: Practicing The Magic Formula to reclaim peace of mind almost instantly

6: Learning the #1 biggest mistake we make in our relationships

7: Bringing peace and harmony in relationships

8: Discovering the ancient wisdom to master emotions, attract fulfilling relationships and be likeable

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45-minutes live Happiness Booster Q & A session

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FREE pass to live fitness class by Body Transformation Strategist, Abhishek Jindal

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FREE eBook - 21 Happiness Lessons That Only Life Can Teach

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Batch starts Sunday (5th Dec) @ 3 p.m

Hi! I'm Aman Chandra....

Bulletproof Happiness Coach

Relationship Transformation Coach

Motivational Speaker

What's My Story?

I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur. As a Bulletproof Happiness Coach and a motivational speaker, I offer group programs and 1-1 coaching to help people overcome challenging life situations and 2X their happiness. I'm also the founder of (a global platform for personal and spiritual growth). As a soon-to-be author in the self-help and personal growth space, I'm super passionate about making happiness and personal growth wisdom reach as many people as possible. 


Before entering adulthood itself, I went through multiple challenging life situations. My parents separated when I was just 2. My biological father passed away when I was 7. I had severe anxiety and OCD issues at age 13, and a potentially life-threatening physical illness when I was 18. These experiences fuelled my search for answers and I embarked on a comprehensive personal growth journey. I trained in the art of pranic healing, Vipassana mindfulness meditation, and have done several other personal growth courses over the last 15 years. After learning and applying all the tools in my life, I coach and train clients across the globe and help them create shifts in all aspects of their lives - health and fitness, emotional health, relationship health, business and financial success, spiritual growth, and more.

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UNLOCK special price of INR 1,999  499  99/-!


Batch starts Sunday (5th Dec) @ 3 p.m

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