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With Aman Chandra

Life & Happiness Coach | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur and former CEO of LifePositive.com

27th Apr'21, 11 a.m

Live Online Class

INR 999    499 /-

Plus early bird price of INR 499 299/- for the 1st 5 registrations!

Bulletproof Your Happiness Masterclass

A 3-day game changer masterclass to help you shift from suffering to happiness WITHIN 24 hours, WITHOUT investing years in self-help courses!

What To Expect From The Class

1: What is Happiness and How To Identify Your True Sources of Happiness?

2: How to Instantly Stop The Top 5 Mistakes We Make In Searching For Happiness?

3: How to Deal With Any Kind of Suffering In Life Without Becoming Negative?

Bonus # 1:

Aman's RAIN approach to instantly calming yourself down in an emotional situation

(worth Rs. 2,999/-)

Bonus # 2 :

Free group Q and A session
(worth Rs. 3,999/-)

Bonus # 3 : 

Special gift to all participants

(worth Rs. 4,000/-)

Early bird price of INR 499  299/- for 1st 5 participants!

Meet Your Trainer - Aman Chandra

Entrepreneur and former CEO of LifePositive.com (formerly The Silver Lining)

Happiness and Success coach

Motivational speaker

Watch Aman's Talk At The Global Summit of Science And Spirituality

Aman Chandra is a lifestyle entrepreneur. He's the founder and former CEO of The Silver Lining which later became LifePositive.com, a global platform for wellness via personal and spiritual growth.


Aman is a happiness and success coach and an avid spiritual seeker. He has trained in the art of pranic healing, Vipassana mindfulness meditation, and has done several other personal growth courses over the last 15 years. After learning and applying all the tools in his own life, he does coaching and training for clients across the globe and helps them create shifts in all aspects of their lives - health and fitness, emotional health, relationship health, business and financial success, spiritual growth, and more.

Early bird price of INR 499  299/- for first 5 registrations!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this masterclass delivered?

This masterclass is currently offered as a virtual (online) class which is conducted over WhatsApp and Zoom. After you register, you receive all the login details to join the WhatsApp and Zoom class

What are the timings of this masterclass?

This is a 3-day masterclass and you will need to attend daily from 11 a.m onwards for 45-60 minutes. You will also need to allot 15-30 minutes to the exercises given to you after day 1 and 2

If I miss any day, can I see a recording?

For special cases, the recording will be made available. However, you are strongly advised to be fully present everyday to get the maximum out of this class.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the masterclass?

Yes, every participant will receive a certificate of participation for attending this masterclass

Can I make a group booking on behalf of everyone?

Yes! We encourage you to bring as many friends and family members to join you for this class. You can make a group booking on behalf of others and each person will receive his own e-ticket to the class

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