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Happy Family

Boost Happiness
With Mind & Body Transformation

WITHOUT spending hours reading self-help books and wasting time in a gym

90 Minutes Masterclass

7th Apr'21, 7 p.m

Live Zoom Session

@ Rs. 1,999  199

IG Live Aman and Abhishek

@ Rs. 1,999  199

What to expect.....

Decoding happiness

so that you never make the #1 mistake that prevents you from experiencing consistent joy

Fixing your mind and body transformation goals

in a crystal clear way so that you know exactly where you want to be in the next 3 months

Learning simple strategies

to almost-instantly boost your happiness levels no matter what you’re currently going through

Getting a customized road-map

on how to achieve your happiness and fitness goals even if you have never been consistent in following through on them before

Understanding body fitness

so that being fit no longer feels like a chore

@ Rs. 1,999  199

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What previous participants have to say.....

@ Rs. 1,999  199

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